Hello guy’s, Biochip it’s a new and most interesting technology.


The Biochip Technology for future space in a computer science,

It was a developed in 1983 for monitoring fisheries. Now that it is over 300 zoos and 80 government agencies in 20 countries .

Yearly , 6 million recipient of prosthetics device and breast implants are “Biochipped “. Over 7 millions animales have been a Biochipped .

Majar Biochip companies are A.V. I.D ( American veterinary Identification Devices ) Trovan identification systems.

Biochip Technology

What is Biochip Technology ?

Biochip technology

A Biochipped is as a collections of the miniaturized test site’s arranged on as well as a solid substrates that is permits many test to be performed as it at the same in the order to the get higher speeds and efficiency.

Like a computer chip that is perform millions of therefore mathematics operation in one second , a Biochip that is can perform of as a thousands of biological operation in a few seconds.

That is the technology computer chip performance therefore millions of mathematics operation.


How to work ?

The reader generates a low-power, of the electromagnetic
field, during this is so case via radio signals, which activates the implanted biochip as a there is depicts . Therefore reader amplifies the received code, that is the changes it to digital format, decodes and displays the ID number on the reader’s LCD display. But it must Generally be between 2 and 12 inches near the biochip to communicate. And therefore it raeder and biochip can communicate through most materials.

  • 2D array of Independently operating photodiode
  • On board signal amplification and dada treatment
  • CMOS based microelectronics integrated into a single platform
  • Coupled to compact sampling system
  • Compact design
Biochip technology


  • Increase the speed of diagnosis
  • It used for the identification purpose
  • It’s can be used to locate missing and kidnapped people
  • In cases of when a natural disasters course that is it helps to the most locate people easily.


  • Initial implementation cost is high
  • But At time the Biochip falls that is as a challenging question that is still puzzle scientist
  • They raise critical issue of personal privacy.


It promises to bring genomics, that is the study of all but
the genes in existing organisms, out of therefore research
laboratory and into the everyday practice of drugs .
The Biochipped of the lie’s of as a space at the intersections between the technology chip’s manufacturing, signal processing, software skills and more traditional biology and genomics.

The Biochip Technology is a most important as a manufacturing signals process, that is it’s a computer chip like of million of perfom ost mathematics operation in with in a second . And low power of the electromagnetic Field. That is the technology . Therefore biochip technology

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