Hello friends , Biometric system used to security and private support and it’s a great electronic technology .

Biometric system it’s a automatical methods of a recognizing a public security and it’s a private support or physical or behavioral characteristic. Some examples are fingerprint, face, iris, hand geometry, voice and dynamic signature. These, are many others, are in various stages of development & deployment. The type of the biometric that is β€œbest ” vary significantly from one application to a different .

Biometric system
Biometric system

How biometric work

Authentication by biometric verification it is become a increasingly comman in a corporate and public security system , it’s a electronic and point of sale application . In addition to the security , driving force behind the biometric verification has a convenience , as there are the no password to remember or security tokens Carry . biometric system are the methods such as measuring a person’s gait , can a operate with no direct contact with the person beening a authentication.

Biometric security

Biometric system performance

the biometric system of a different positioning on the acquiring sensor to environmental changes , to deformation and noise , it is impossible that the two samples of the biometric acquired in different session , exactly coincide The his reason the matching is performed by an algorithm which computes a similarities score and compare it with threshold , in case the similarly is greater than the threshold the system claim that the two samples coincide. Differently from a password matching sometimes biometric system may be incorrect the main system errors are usually measured in terms.

Biometric technologies

1. fingerprint,
2.hand/finger geometry and
3. Palm Print Recognition
4. dynamic signature verification
5.keystroke dynamics.
6. facial recognition,
7. voice recognition
8.iris scan
9. retinal scan.


  • Matured technology based on years of research &
  • understanding
  • Do not change naturally
  • Has wide acceptance in the security community
  • The equipment is cheap
  • to other biometric system
  • Comfert
  • Accuracy


  • Quick alert
  • Vulnerable to noise and distortion brought on by
  • dirt and twists.
  • Some people may feel offended about placing their
  • fingers on an equivalent place where many people
  • have continuously touched
  • Costly
  • missing or injured body part problem
  • The scanning of eye is fearful to some peoples


There is a great demand for the fast , and along with the tremendously accurate authentication biometric system !

Biometric is a very interesting and exciting field .

Biometric is an area with many opportunities for growth.

Its a matured technology based on accuracy .

Thank you !

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