Digital Jewelry


The technology changes in they have bought about many miniature devices which allow people to do things with ease . The rapid it has use of these portable technology and their the multiple functionalities in assisting the people to engage with other useful activities for have made the technology a versatile tool for learning and leisure purpose . The it’s fundamental issue are in wearable computers is it’s ability to equip the individual with personalised and customisable information . The wearable computers can be a video screen worn on both eyes like google , body worn processor, input device such as push button , switches held in one hand and a microphone . The latest computer usage has been to be able to wireless computer .


What is Digital Jewelry ?

Digital Jewelry it is the jewelry fashion with embedded intelligence . The “Digital Jewelry” can helps you solve problems like forgotten password and security badge . The Digital Jewelry is a nascent catchphrase for wearable ID devices that contain personal information.

like password , identification , and account information . They have the potential to be the all in one replacement for your driver’s license , key chain , business card , corporate security badge , and loose cash . They can also solve a comamn dilemma of the today wired world the forgotten password.

Working of Digital Jewelry

With digital Jewelry, the keypad and dialling function is integrated into the bracelet . And Voice recognition software will be used to make calls , capacity that is all ready comman in many cell phones . We need to mention the name of the person you want to cell at , the phone will dial that person. It is mouse ring , Bluetooth , bracelet built in rechargeable battery vibrates when call is coming.

Advantages of Digital Jewelry

  • The wireless wearable technology
  • Easy to carry everywhere
  • sizzling outlook to the user
  • Natural interaction between the user

Disadvantage of Digital Jewelry

  • Display is very small
  • Ray may be harmful
  • No waterproof care should be taken
  • Very expensive to afford

The Digital Jewelry is one of the most technology and it’s very easy to carry every where.

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