Digital signature

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Digital signature latest technology in electronics , it’s very secured technology.

How is digital signature Defined

According to the current U.S legislation and the electronic signature and records association , electronic signature are defined as :

” It is an electronical sounds , symbols or process that is the attached to or logically the associated with a record and executed or adopted by a person with the intent to the sign and the record. “

The versatility of its definition ,- sounds , symbol or process – allow electronic signature vendors like AssureSign to the offer multiple solutions with the capacity to the capture and electronics signature ( here’s the difference between digital signature and electronics signature ) the way of voice , computer , or even a mobile device .

Electronics signature may be the created with the increasing level of security with each having it is own set of the requirements & means of creation and variation levels that prove the validity of signature .

Digital signature

  • In Asymmetric encryption, two types of keys are used- public key and private key
  • Public key is shared to all
  • Private key is secret key
  • When massage is encrypted using sender’s private key then automatically process is called Digital signature .
  • When there is trust issue between sender and receiver , something more than authentication is needed
  • The most attractive solution on this has problem is the digital signature esignature.

Properties of digital signature

  • The must verify the author and date and time of the signature
  • It must authenticates the contents at the time of the signature
  • It must be verifiable by third parties , to resolve dispute .

Advantages of esignature

  1. Identification of the person that signs
  2. The author can not be denied of his work .
  3. Eliminations of possibility of committing fraud by an imposter
  4. Cutting costs
  5. Speeds up document delivery

Disadvantages of esignature

  1. The primary avenue for any business many
  2. The Lost , or theft of the keys and the use of this vulnerable storage facilities.
  3. There a
  4. The strong need of a standard through which is these the different methods.

Esignature is the automatical and very secured technology.

We have just seen that digital signature provide a means of authenticating message sent over a public channel. Signatures schemes provide stronger properties as well , and we elucidate these properties via a comparison with message authentication code , the symmetric key analogue of digital signature

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