Hello friends, I discussed very interesting topic haptic technology. It’s a technology of adding the sensation of touch and feelings .

Haptic technology

What is haptic ?

Haptic technology

  1. Is the technology of adding the sensation of touch and feelings.
  2. when the virtual object are to touched they seems a real and tangible.
  3. By using this you feel as well as see your interaction with images.

Haptic ?

  • Derived from the Greek word is the haptikos’ meaning ” Able to the come into contact with “.
  • Haptic = Touch = Connection
  • Touch is at the core of personal experience.
  • The five senses, of the touch is the most proficient , the only one of the capable of simultaneous input and output.


Derived form the greek word Haptikos’ , In the early 1990s a new usage of the word haptics bayan to emerge , scientists used term haptics to label the subfield of their is the studies that is addressed the human touch based has perception and manipulation.

It has the also been of described as ” the sensibility of the individual to the word adjacent to the his body by the use of his body ” . This word was introduced at the beginning of the twentieth century by researches in the field of experimental psychology to refer to the active touch of real object by human.

What is Commonly used haptic device ?

1. Phantom

  • Providing a 3D touch to the virtual object.
  • provides 6 d.o. f
  • when the use move his finger, then he could really feel the shape and size of the virtual 3D object that has been already programmed.
  • virtual 3 D dimensions space in which the phantom operates is called as the haptic scene.

2. Cyber Grasp

  • The cyber grasp’ s system of the fits over the user’s entire has hand like an exoskeleton and adds resistive force feedback to each finger.
  • Allow 4 dof for each finger
  • Adapted to different size of the finger
  • located on the back of the hand
  • Measure the finger angular and flexion the measure of the joint to angle are independent and can have a good resolution give the important and paths travelled by the cables when the finger shut.
Haptic technology

The Robles de torre states that losing the sense of touch has catastrophic effect such as impairment of hand dexterity , loss of limb position perception , and the inability to walk , just to name a few . Event day a we use human computer interface to interact , communicate, or perform various task.


  1. Digital world can behave like the real world.
  2. Working time is reduced
  3. The Medical field of simulators allow the would be surgeons to practice digitally practice.
  4. Easy to use and access
  5. With the haptic technology to the hardware and software designer can feel the result as if he were the handling physical objects.


  1. The touch of precision requires a lot of advance designed.
  2. Haptics applications require highly specialized.
  3. Hardware and considerable processing power and hence its complex.
  4. The Haptics projects are rely on fixed installations of equipment and are doesn’t easily portable.
  5. Debugging issues.
  6. Higher cost.

Science used label term to haptic technology .

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