Hey guys it’s interesting , a new technology in word it’s very interesting and amazing , a new latest gadgets in electronics . Rockubot robot it’s remove any bacteria it’s a main work are rockubot robot.
Rockubot robot

It has got an allergic constitution since he was 6 year’s old and it is badly allergic to mites . After meeting in a robot interests team during seeking phd degree at HKUST , Dr. Raphael and Dr. J started to the collaborate and then developed the concept that led to ROCKUBOT.

How to work rockubot ?

Rockubot Robot it’s a main work is removed any bacterias . You spend more time in bed than that anywhere else , and it’s never been more important to keep it’s clean . The power of short wavelength Ultraviolet-C light and ultrasonic Waves, the rockubot kills any bacterias of 99.99% bacteria, germs and mites automatically . Like a roomba for your bed, it travels back and forth using an array of sensors , while it’s a ultrasonic Waves and four Ultraviolet-C light kill everything in its part .

Its charges wirelessly , it has a magnetic field cover that enables handheld use for disinfecting phones, laptops, counters and anything else that needs to it, and double a Bluetooth speaker .


The rockubot Ultraviolet-C light has been used successfully as a germicide and bactericide for decade. It is can be kill or disable the growth of the microorganisms like bacteria , viruses and others pathogens , and it provides a chemical- free alternative to other disinfection methods . Like using a chlorine . Due to the its effectiveness and advantages , Ultraviolet-C is a being used for an increasing range of the application . It is used for example , for the disinfecting in wastewater treatment plants , laboratories , air-conditioning system and even pools and aquarium various stages of food and beverages industrial processes .

Its Ultraviolet-C is also used in medical and hospitals setting to sterilized instrument , work surface and the air.

Features of rockubot

  • Ultraviolet- C light at the 4050uW/Cm^2 kills the 99.99% bacteria and germs
  • The Ultrasonic wave repel mites hidden deeply in the mattress at the microscopic level
  • The 24 smart sensors to avoid obstacles, overcome terrains & detect any cliffs
  • The Smart mapping & navigation to clean the bed, room or other are properly w/ ease
  • Its a Automatic mode allows ROCKUBOT to disinfect & sterilize by following the data w/ smart sensors

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