Hii guys,in this session we can see about “How mobile charge wirelessly and also How to convert any mobile into wireless charging mobile .I’m sure by now most of you reading this article have heard of wireless charging. Take yours phone and watch on a special pad and power of electricity it’s started charging how ?. But its a how does this is feat of black magic wizard take the this dis-separated into this . That’s it. Two circular coils, some big secret right. But that still doesn’t explain how it works.

How wireless charging works ?

If you the were to the define wireless charging , it is a technology that utilizes several different methods for charging device batteries without the use of a charging cable or AC adapter . Wireless charging is used to the charge batteries across a wide variety of devices including laptops PC’s , smartphones , and tablets . Plus , wireless chargings are also used for larger device such as electric cars and others devices.



In 1972, the devopled by , Professor Don Otto of the University of Auckland proposed a vehicle powered by induction using transmitters that is the road and a receiver on the vehicle.In 1977, John E. The Trombly was awarded to a patent for the “Electromagnetically . The coupled charger .” The patent to describes the an application to charge headlamp batteries for the miners (US 4031449). That is the primary application of inductive charging utilized in the us was performed by J.G. Bolger, F.A. Kirsten, and S. Ng in 1978. The made it is a an electrical vehicle powered with a system at 180 Hz with 20 kW.[2] In California within the 1980s, a bus was produced, which was powered by inductive charging, and similar work was being wiped out France and Germany around this point .

Wireless charging


  • Less cords. With the wireless technology, you don’t need to the carry around your USB-c charger  , You just need one cable that is connected to the charging mat.
  • Universal compatibility. Therefore chargings is a the universal standards, it’s if you have to the multiple different wireless capable devices, you can use the same charging pad without any issue.
  • Safer connections. Since it’s charging is all occurring inside, an the  enclosed environment and without cords, there’s no corrosion because there is no exposure to water or oxygen.
  • More durable.  If it is the alternates between charging to the wirelessly and either cables, that also means less wear and tear on your cables.
  • No overheating. When your smartphone is fully charged, the wireless charger automatically shuts off. This is means to less energy, a safer charge, and no overheated battery.

Disadvantages of wireless charging

  • Not exactly wireless.  this is the case with wireless charging. The currently wireless charging your smartphone has to stay on top of the charging pad in order to continuously charge.
  • You aren’t able to use your phone. See above. The phone needs to stay on the pad in order to continue charging.
  • Slower charging.  supposedly takes it’s a 30-80% longer to the fully charge your device than a cable.
  • More expensive. As a  pretty new technology, it’s more costly to the as well purchase a wireless charging pad . The especially when a new smartphones come to with a corded charger in the box.

Wireless charging is used that is charge batteries across a wide variety of devices including laptops PC’s , smartphones , and tablets . It’s a used to the any iphone or other devices it’s easily charged phones and it’s very useful device . That is more than useful device .

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