Hello guy’s , I Have a discussed new electronic gadgets xenxo S Ring. It’s latest technology in electronics. ( Xenxo smart rings )

The Xenxo smart ring is the wrap’s technology around your little finger , thereby make your would smarter , secure and more seamless than ever before ..By having specially developed 12 application , the ring vests to the control of your life in your hand

Xenxo s ring
Xenxo s ring

What is Xenxo s ring ?

The Xenxo s ring wrap’s technology around your little finger. the Xenxo s ring aims to become the swiss army knife of the smart Ring as it is packs a whole array of technologies and the features . The list of a functions being from the phone extension .

You can use the Xenxo s ring as the phone speaker and the microphone . It is also works as a music player, controller, with a Bluetooth connected smartphone . The ring packs data storage of up to the 4GB through the USB interface , which also double for the charging . The Xenxo also has the NFC functionality of the payment features , vibration alarm , panic button , Bluetooth based access card for smart lock , voice assistant interface , and sensors for fitness tracking.

Mobile phone on your finger

The Xenxo s ring has also Bluetooth calling features allowing you to the leave the mobile phone in your pocket and still take that important call by using the call .

Last , but not least , the Xenxo s ring comes with a memory chip to store your sensitive data . Granted , these days 4GB of memory is not something to write home about, yet it is may come handy to have it is on your finger in some situation such has sharing contact quickly.

Smart ring

Xenxo S ring Fitness Tracker

The Xenxo s ring adverties fitness tracking capabilities , however the product specifications do not yet provide details other than that of the device would not include heart rate measurements capabilities.

Jakcom R3F smart Ring is a wearable electronic component , it can connect NFC can readers like door lock or cellphone to unlock .

Features of xenxo s ring

Privacy matter the most

The technology problem can only be stored by technology itself . Even through smart wearable seem to be operating the same .the loud out speaker I’m smart watch and bands can reveal your information to a third person out with you

Short battery life

The smart rings , however with stand power up to 3-5 days without changing.

Less in comfort

Smart rings are rugged device that hugs around your wrist making you feel heavy to carry.

smart rings

Environmental damage

Being highly visible . Smart rings are likely to get the caught with disastrous deeds happening days to the days during life’s , rough scheduled .

High price

when you want the best features , smart rings appears to be too costly .

The smart rings is the wrap’s technology

Thank you !

Haptic technology


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